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Pinup Talk #1: An Interview with Frankii Wilde

Posted on August 25 2015

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to know that running a vintage inspired lingerie business and the pin up scene are a match made in heaven. I've always had such admiration (and a touch of jealousy) for burlesque dancers and pin up models, as I've never developed the poise or coordination myself!

I think I first became aware of model and photographer extrodinarie, Frankii Wilde, during my time at university. As my love of lingerie grew, and especially my love for all things pin up, Frankii often appeared modelling for some of my favourite vintage inspired brands. At the time, My Retro Closet was nothing but a dream, and I could of only hoped to have had someone as talented and beautiful as Frankii representing my brand.

Wearing the 'Peggy' bed jacket & 'Bettie' babydoll in lilac and black.

Fast forward a few years and now you'll find Frankii Wilde modelling some of my own handmade range, not only bringing a face to the products, but professionalism, quality and a beautiful pin up aesthetic. With the launch of my new website, and the launch of Frankii's own brand new site 'Wilde About Frankii', I thought it would be a nice time to introduce her properly to My Retro Closet and find out a little more about the lady behind the photographs...

Left: wearing a 'Jayne' bed jacket in blue & black with the matching 'Joan' tie side briefs. Right: wearing the Limited Edition Floral Babydoll & Frenchies

The new website, 'Wilde About Frankii'  looks gorgeous. It must be lovely to have the freedom to shoot how you want to. What's been your favourite photo set you've created so far?

Thank you, I have to admit I love being able to do whatever tickles my fancy! My favourite photo set so far is a yet to be released set which involves cake and cream, nylons and my favourite fetish heels by fabulously fetish.

I love your classic pin up look, and I'm so jealous of your new red hair! Who are your beauty and styling inspirations?

My beauty and style inspirations are both modern and vintage. I’ll always have my go to 1950’s movie star look inspired by the golden girls of Hollywood such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Ann Margret to the 60s actresses like Bridgette Bardot, Sharon Tate and Raquel Welch . My modern muses are Gwen Stefani, Lana Del Rey, Classic Katy Perry and actresses such as Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain.


Left to right: Marilyn Monroe, Ann Margret, Bridgette Bardot, Raquel Welch, Lana Del Rey, Jessica Chastain.

What key lingerie pieces would you suggest to replicate your perfect pin up look?

You should always have your fail safe black bullet bra, 6 strap suspender belt, sheer panties and a pair of fully fashioned nylons in you knicker drawers!

Not only are you a model and photographer, you're also a talented burlesque performer! Do you have a favourite routine to perform and why?

My favourite routine at the moment is “20th century Fox”. It’s my most recent so it’s still fresh, fun and developing. I also love to act and play a character and in this instance I’m a huge sexy pinup vixen that shimmies to The Doors.

You've already done so much, what's next for your sparkling career? Are there any goals you're on the way to achieving?

I would like to work across the pond. I’ve not worked in the US yet there are amazing photographers, designers and burlesque shows waiting for me. I desperately need to having a working holiday very soon!

Finally, I have to ask, what's on your My Retro Closet wish list?

Your ULTIMATE PINUP GIRL Lingerie sets!!!

Isn't she fabulous? I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Frankii. She has provided me with some beautiful images for my website, and is an absolute dream to work with. It's so great to make new friends in the industry and My Retro Closet wouldn't look half as good without her!

Did you enjoy the first in my 'Pinup Talk' blog series? There will be lots more to come! Who are your favourite pin up ladies? Who would you like to see wearing My Retro Closet?

Don't forget ALL the lingerie featured in this post is all available at My Retro Closet, happy shopping!

Thanks for reading, pin ups.


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